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Why are Elevations RTC Students in Great Shape?

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After a teenagers’ time at Elevations RTC, many families are surprised with just how in shape their child is compared to when they first arrived on campus. With various activities to keep people active, and a nutrition plan that keeps students on track, a huge benefit of staying on campus ends up discovered along the way.

This is not lost on those who run Elevations RTC by any means. Students are in great overall shape, leading to a slew of other benefits as time goes on. Students start to feel more confident in how they look and feel, which translates to a better life in general. How do students stay in great shape? A change in habits makes a big difference.

Time Management

One of the first changes that is a step in the right direction comes down to time management. From day one on campus, there is a set schedule for all students. This might be the first time in many students’ lives that they have to pay attention to a set schedule.

Simply put, teenagers will have much better time management skills after graduating from Elevations RTC. There is a set schedule every day of the week, and while it might seem intimidating at first, there are opportunities for free time and a little bit of flexibility. Students eat at a set time, have controlled portions, and always time for exercise. It is effortless without a schedule to not eat properly or put off physical activity for another time. Suddenly, a student goes a week or two without breaking a sweat, which is not the best for teenagers attempting to stay fit and healthy.

One of the major goals of the strict scheduling on campus is to make it easy to transition to something similar at home. There are a lot of benefits to having a schedule that makes reasonable sense.

Making the Most of Location

There might not be a better setting for a residential treatment center than Elevations RTC. Not only is it located in one of the most beautiful parts of the United States, but it has a campus that is isolated enough for students to focus on what they need to get better. A residential treatment center in the heart of a city might have too many distractions, but if it is too isolated, there will be nothing else to do outside of campus.

Despite feeling like an entirely different world at times, there are opportunities to do weekend excursions to get away from campus from time to time. Salt Lake City is a short drive away, and the international airport makes it relatively easy to get back home.

In the winter, skiing and snowboarding trips are popular options for teenagers. They get an opportunity to stay active even while away from campus, and for some, this is the first time they get to enjoy snow.

Weather is usually tolerable enough throughout the year that outdoor activities can be part of the schedule. When the weather is not good enough to do things outdoors, there are always indoor opportunities to explore when needed.

After going through the program, many graduates believe that the location of Elevations RTC allows teenagers to grow up as well. Since many are not from the state of Utah, they feel a sense of responsibility when arriving on campus. While it can seem intimidating at first, it is a way to grow and make changes for the better. In many ways, it is like going away for college a few years earlier.

Staff, Peer Support

Making changes for the better is hard for people to do alone. While some people are self-motivated enough to make things work, the vast majority do a better job with a proper amount of outside support. That is why every opportunity to succeed is given to students at Elevations RTC. There are groups designed to help with anything from gardening (growing healthy food choices) to specific activities from a physical standpoint.

These groups are beneficial in numerous ways. For starters, there will always be a staff member ready to help teenagers explore a new passion. Having so many opportunities for teenagers on campus ensures that every student gets a chance to take part in something that interests them. There is no need to participate in team sports or one or two group options that are not exactly motivating. This is a quick way to lose the attention of some students, which is why variety matters.

What Type of Changes can Students See in Just a Few Months?

Teenagers willing to put in the work and stick to a plan can leave in the best shape of their life upon graduation. Stepping outside of their comfort zone is intimidating at first, but the pros far outweigh the cons.

Some graduates stay healthy and in shape by continuing relationships and holding each other accountable after graduation. Even if through phone calls, texts, and video chats, forming long-lasting friendships with peers can be a great way to stay on track. It goes well beyond staying in great shape, but that certainly is a huge bonus.

Feeling healthy upon graduation allows students to return home confident that their changes are permanent. By creating healthy habits across the board, results become that much easier to enjoy.

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