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What Are Long-Term Care Options Available for Seniors?

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Long-term care offers a complete range of medical support services that are provided for a temporary and extended duration. The type of service you need depends on the reason for which you want to receive the care. Let us know about the different options for long-term care in detail.

Long term care

The requirement for long-term support can be instantaneous. It can be after an auto accident, a heart attack, and a stroke. You may need long term care with passing age, or when your disability, illness aggravates.

It is important to find when you would need long-term care and the duration for which you will require it. Mitchell HollingsWorth Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is a leading institute that provides long term care for senior people in Florence, AL.

Who are ideal candidates for Long-term care?

Long term care is not required only by elderly people. Around 43% of people who are less than 65 years of age require this kind of assistance. In 50 % of cases, when a person reaches the age of 75 years, needs long-term care.

When the care is required due to old age, then it can go for a longer time period. On the other hand, if you need it due to disability, then you may need it till the time you recover from the illness or disability.

Why should you need temporary long-term care?

  • Rehabilitation post a stay at the hospital
  • Rehabilitation post a surgical procedure
  • To recover from any injury or ailment
  • Termination of life medical services

Why should you need permanent long-term care?

  • Permanent disabilities
  • Severe pain
  • Acute medical conditions
  • Requirement for supervision
  • The requirement for support with daily living activities
  • Cognitive damage like any brain injury, dementia, or Alzheimer’s

What increases the chances of long-term care?

  • As individuals attain age, they tend to become frailer.
  • As women are living longer due to advanced medical facilities, they require longer-term care than men.
  • Marital status also impacts long term care. It has been seen that those who live alone are more in need of a paid care provider.
  • Habits and lifestyle include lack of exercise, poor diet and an increase in the risk of an individual.
  • Family history, and health.

Categories of Long-Term Care

Long-term assistance services are categorized into two main categories that include skilled care, and personal care.


You can feel the requirement for long-term care at any point in time. With the right information about the options and when to use them, you can get the maximum benefit from this service.

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