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Vaping CBD: A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners!

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The cannabis plant contains over a hundred chemicals called cannabinoids, of which CBD and THC interest users and researchers alike. Cannabidiol (CBD) is known to have numerous therapeutic benefits, especially for pain management and inflammation. There are varied ways to consume CBD, but a considerable percentage of users prefer vaping. All you need a vapers delight pen and the right CBD product, but before you take the next step, here are some quick things worth knowing.

The basics of vaping CBD

Vaping is exactly what it sounds like – You will be inhaling a vaporized CBD liquid using a vape pen, or standard vaporizers. The vaporized CBD then enters the bloodstream after passing through the air sacs of the lungs. CBD, much like other cannabinoids, interacts with the endocannabinoid system, especially cannabinoid receptors. Besides a decent vaping pen, you will also need a CBD e-liquid. There are varied kinds of CBD e-liquids in the market, which could be a CBD oil, or an isolate. Pure CBD oil is often mixed with other vaping oils to offer a better vaping experience. Isolate CBD oil is more expensive, because the concentrate doesn’t contain anything but CBD.

Decoding CBD e-liquids

CBD e-liquids often include a carrier liquid, which is usually vegetable glycerin (VG) or propylene glycol (PG). Both these liquids have a few pros and cons. If you want a better throat hit, go for a CBD liquid that contains propylene glycol, but if you prefer the smoke and vaping experience, select a product that contains vegetable glycerin. Some of the new-age liquids also contain what’s called MCT oil, or can be a mix of both VG and PG. E-liquids may also contain some flavoring, or to enhance the effects of CBD, terpenes can be added to the mix. The experience of a good CBD liquid also depends on the vaping device, so do not compromise on that department.

Why consider vaping CBD?

Because you get a better bioavailability of CBD, so the benefits are more likely. When you vape, CBD gets into the bloodstream immediately, and therefore, you can expect the desired effects in a much shorter time. Of course, vaping CBD also ensures that you take only as much as required, which can be hard to with edibles. As compared to edibles, vaping makes more sense, because edibles are processed in the stomach first and then CBD is absorbed in the bloodstream.

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