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The Legalization of Marijuana and Decriminalization of its use

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For over 50 years now, Americans are shifting their view of marijuana use. The numbers of people supporting the legalization are four times what it was back in the day. It is why American citizens are voting for bills supporting the regulation of Cannabis use in their localities. Although more States are setting up legislation to legalize and control the pot industry, the federal government is still reluctant to progress. It is still illegal to use in public spaces even though there is a minimal risk than other legal drugs like cigarettes.

Unlike the past where it was challenging to buy marijuana for recreation, now you can find a weed store using your digital devices. A person only needs to be 21 years and above to buy their supplies in dispensaries nearby.

The environment is contradicting

Although the federal government still outlaws the consumption and distribution of marijuana, many vendors are operating in the black market. Many people buying products off the streets expose themselves to risks as they are prone to criminal activities. On the contrary, legalizing marijuana use will help the authorities monitor the market better. It will save the federal government lots of money if they stop fighting its use. They need to think of how to control the industry rather than chasing the wind. Regions with legislation on marijuana use benefit from revenues in weed stores across their territories. Numerous studies show medicinal and recreational benefits of Cannabis plan. Here is what society thinks about it.

An Overview of Marijuana use globally

There are debates about marijuana use across media platforms and individuals in society. In the past, communities were using the plant as medicines while others form industrial use. However, in areas where it experiences sun, the THC concentration was higher, and it is how the plant got its name marijuana. The name originated from Mexico its consumption spread across the globe. The most common way of using is smoking while there are quite many other ways of consuming like in edibles.

The Decriminalization of Cannabis Consumption

In the 1970s, the momentum for legalizing the use of cannabis in the United States of America gained shape. Politicians supported the move as many individuals were losing their future due to prosecution for possession of marijuana. Studies would also shed light on the extent of cannabis use among youths from illegal vendors. Decriminalizing drug use means that there are reduced penalties for people found using the drug.  It also means that residents can now purchase marijuana from licensed and legal vendors across the State.


Research shows that marijuana components can treat specific chronic illness and help relieve pain. People of all ages and walks of life became aware of the benefits that marijuana use can bring. There is now less Stigmatization to marijuana consumers as more States continue passing laws regulating the plant’s production, distribution, and consumption. Marijuana is both recreational and medicinal. There are lots of benefits for governments and their citizens to achieve

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