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Podiatry Myths Debunked – Get Your Facts Right and Take Care of Your Feet

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Podiatrists are medical professionals who specialize in treatment of the feet. In certain states treatment of lower limb conditions is also included in practice. They attend several years of training in podiatric medical schools. Fully licensed podiatrists hold a DPM degree and they treat several foot-related conditions like

  • Foot pain: Due to arthritis or gout
  • Diabetic foot disorders: Includes infections, nerve damage, chronic ulcers, neuropathy
  • Foot injuries: Fractures, strain, sprain
  • Structural foot abnormalities: flat feet, hammertoe, high arches
  • Nail conditions: Infection and ingrown nails
  • Heel pain: Due to plantar fasciitis

If you are facing any of the above foot-related issues and looking for a podiatrist Irvine consultation, schedule an appointment with Dr. Sima Soltani. She is the top podiatrist in the area with years of experience in the field. Her team employs the latest technology to sort out your foot problem.

Podiatry myths:

It is better to seek an orthopedic rather than a podiatrist for foot injuries:

An orthopedic specializes in treating bones, soft tissues of joints present all over the body and if you are facing a foot issue, wouldn’t it be better if you consult a medical professional who is extra specialized in treating foot problems? They are more updated about the new technologies in the field.

They aren’t ‘real’ doctors:

They don’t attend the same medical school as other medical professional but that doesn’t mean they aren’t doctors. A podiatrist completes his/ her bachelor’s degree followed by 4 years in a podiatric medical school and 3-year surgical residency. It is better to contact podiatrist in Orange County for foot issues since they have better specialized training.

Podiatrists don’t perform surgery:

Almost all podiatrists usually perform surgery since they spend 3 years in surgical residency. They usually recommend more conservative treatments and suggest surgery only as a last resort.

Podiatrists predominantly treat nails and calluses:

This was the case in the previous century when podiatrists treated only simple foot pain, nails and calluses. Things have changed in the past 40 years and today they treat every problem that occurs in the feet.

If I can walk in spite of the pain, my ankle or foot isn’t broken:

Pain threshold vary between people and continuing to exert strain on your injured foot may worsen the issue that causes pain. If you are experiencing foot/ ankle pain contact a reputed podiatrist Orange County.

Shoe inserts would solve my foot pain:

Shoe inserts generally help with certain foot conditions. However, they can also worsen the condition for specific issues. Only a podiatrist will be able to suggest the best treatment option.

Foot pain is just a normal sign of aging:

Regardless of the pain you experience foot pain it isn’t normal and needs medical attention. If you feel foot pain, it is time to contact to a podiatrist.

Fungal infection in toes is a cosmetic issue:

Toe nail fungus spreads easily and requires medical attention. If not treated the nail would break down and crumble.

Don’t take any feet issue lightly. Consult a podiatrist and get it sorted at the earliest.

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