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Periodontitis – Know Its Symptoms, Signs, And Treatment Methods to Treat and Prevent it

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Oral health and hygiene are very important to maintain a healthy body. If oral hygiene is not maintained it may lead to serious oral infections like periodontitis that affects gums. If it is left untreated that may damage both teeth and bones. To avoid these types of problems, you need to schedule regular check-up.

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Periodontitis stages

There are different stages of periodontal diseases including:

  • Gingivitis – Generally, periodontitis starts with inflammation within gums known as gingivitis
  • Early stage – Gums pull away or move away from teeth and tiny pockets will be formed in between teeth and gums
  • Moderate stage – Bleeding and excess pain in the region of teeth and gums
  • Advanced stage – The connective tissues will get deteriorate

Symptoms and signs of periodontal disease

Generally periodontitis symptoms vary depending on the stage, but some of the common symptoms are:

  • bad breath
  • receding gums
  • swollen, red, or tender gums
  • tooth loss
  • buildup of tartar or plaque on teeth, and more
  • Pus in between gums and teeth
  • Bleeding when flossing, brushing, or eating food

Periodontal disease treatment

The main aim of the treatment is to remove the bacterial deposits and plaque on teeth and gums. By practicing few oral hygiene tips you can keep your teeth clean and healthy. These include brushing 2 times per day, using effective toothbrush, visiting dentist twice in a year, and so on.

Professional cleaning

While cleaning, a dentist removes tartar and plaque from roots and teeth. After this, the dentist will polish the teeth and cleans them by using fluoride. If there is periodontal pockets that need deep cleaning procedure to heal. This procedure is also called as root planning and scaling. This helps to remove rough spots on tooth roots and to grind tartar.

If there is any serious gum infection your dentist prescribes antibiotics to reduce it, you need to visit regular follow-ups for few weeks. If there is any problem even after this treatment your dentist may suggest other treatments like surgery depending on the problem severity.

Choose the best dentist and schedule your consultation today to prevent oral problems and to maintain oral health.

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