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Options For Rehab Payment If Unaffordable

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For most people, addiction treatment is something they cannot afford. This prevents them to get treatment and stay sober. The reason behind this in them may be unawareness of the programs such as non-profit organizations, support groups, public assistance programs, local communities, or any other facility developed for rehab payment.

Rehab Cost

Rehab costs depend on many factors. Some of them are given below:

  • Does medical support mandatory for detox patients?
  • Patient is participating in an inpatient or outpatient treatment program?
  • What is the duration of the treatment?
  • Patient needs either luxury or a standard rehab program?

Detox to Rehab is one among many reputed insurance covered rehab facilities that accept all insurance companies offering PPO (Preferred Provider Organization).

Consulting any professional or a specialist in the Detox center will help you sort through the payment options for your rehab and support you in navigating your journey to sobriety.

Payment Options

Given below are options you need to consider for drug/ alcohol rehab payment if you are unable to afford them.

  • Most health insurance policies will cover rehab as part of their service so verify your insurance plan first by consulting your health care provider.
  • Apply for an addiction treatment scholarship through the rehab center you need to enroll in.
  • Ask for financial help from family members and friends as they look for your treatment always.
  • Take a loan for rehab payment if your credit supports otherwise ask your friends or family members to take a loan in their name and help you with the treatment.
  • Find support groups like Alcoholic Anonymous or Narcotic Anonymous if you are staying in and around the city. Attend their counseling classes and try to maintain sobriety.
  • Use all other available resources such as self-help groups, smartphone apps, yoga, art therapy, or any other activity that inspires you to overcome your addiction problem.

If you cannot afford rehab payments in the Detox center, their professionals or counselors help you qualify for a scholarship and reduce the price depending on your treatment needs.

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