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How is VR affecting the Fitness Industry?

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There’s no denying that technology continues to affect our lives in many ways; whether it’s online shopping or table online NetBet gaming and fitness is no exception. It’s become an invaluable component of any workout regimen, from smartphone applications that enable users to keep track of their daily steps and walking distance to wearables that monitor vital statistics like the heart rate. However, before you sink your new smartwatch with your sleeping app or begin your virtual exercise class, you’ll want to make a little room for virtual reality

What is virtual reality?

As the name suggests, virtual reality of VR, for short, refers to simulated experiences that may or may not be the same as the real world. While commonly associated with entertainment and video games, its applications extend to business, education, fitness, and health. Unlike more traditional interfaces, it immerses users in a three-dimensional environment and stimulates all senses, from vision and hearing to touch. As a result, it engages people in ways that others cannot.

How does it affect fitness?

Let’s face it: exercising can be tedious. More importantly, it can be painful. Its purpose is to strengthen the body by weakening, tiring, and breaking it down first, after all. In fact, the saying, no pain, no gain, was coined precisely for this reason. With that said, virtual reality can enable users to overcome the challenges it usually imposes by turning the activity into an enjoyable experience. Tricking the brain lets people remain motivated and engaged with exercising and enhance the routine in turn.

Types of VR fitness solutions available

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Through virtual reality, you can use the addictive qualities usually found in gaming within a fitness environment and leverage them to aid you in your fitness goals. With VR, you’re far less likely to lapse in our workout regimen, and you’ll stick more closely to your routine than you otherwise would have. With that said, here are some of the VR solutions that you can use for your fitness needs.

  • The winner of Fitness Insider’s best game of 2017, BoxVR is essentially an exercise game where players sweat it out by throwing punches to the rhythm of a catchy beat. It combines the high-intensity workout of boxing with pulse-pounding melody to build muscle while blasting away unwanted fat. For those looking for a fun way to engage in physical activity, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything better than BoxVR.
  • VZfit Sensory Kit. For those into cycling, you may want to consider the VZfit Sensory Kit. It’s essentially a sensor that can be attached to a stationary bike and transform it into a virtual reality cycling experience that any avid rider is sure to enjoy.
  • Last but not least, WalkOVR is a set of sensors that you can attach to different parts of your body not only to record movement but to simulate running in virtual environments. While it was originally intended for fitness, it’s compatible with many different games too.


When all’s said and done, virtual reality is another piece of technology that can elevate your fitness goals. With its simulated environments, it can encourage people to persevere with their workout routines. So, if you need the extra push, give VR technology a try.

Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/woman-virtual-reality-game-clouds-1845517/

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