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How healthcare professionals can upgrade their existing qualifications

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Licensed and experienced nurses who wish to change the direction of their career or move up the professional ladder can choose from many different programs. Whichever healthcare field they focus on, the course will comprise written work and clinical rotations. There are options for you to consider, whatever your current position or qualification.

Study at work

To learn on the job, you can apply to one of the many hospitals and healthcare facilities in the USA which offer nursing residencies. These can be completed in general hospital wards as well as cosmetic clinics and special care units. They focus on your professional development and improving patient outcomes by giving you practical experience. The program will include an element of traditional classroom learning, but the structure will rely more heavily on the practical component. If you are keen to learn in a hands-on way, a nursing residency could be the best approach for you.

Remote learning courses

The benefits of learning online cannot be underestimated when it comes to maintaining a work/life balance. As a student of Wilkes University, you can work towards a Master’s degree in nursing when you have a day off or in the evenings when the house is quiet. As you don’t need to visit a campus, the disruption to your daily routine and financial outlay is minimal. Moreover, as an online student, you can enjoy these advantages without compromising on your education. Online courses are just as comprehensive as those delivered by bricks-and-mortar universities, plus you’ll be able to stay in the job you love while studying.

Move from an LPN to an RN

If you are one of the many nurses to have entered the profession with minimal training, you can feel stuck when it comes to applying for promotions or raises at work. People who hold an LPN can upgrade their qualifications on an accelerated learning program. These will provide you with an RN within the year if you are prepared to study full-time or two years if you would prefer a part-time option.

Train with support from an employer

Support from your current employer does not have to be financial. Instead, they could provide practical help by allowing you to receive tuition at work or giving you a more flexible schedule. For example, you could ask to work a four-day week or request a few days of study leave in the weeks beforea critical essay or exam. Once you’ve completed the course, your employer will benefit from having a member of staff who is better-trained, and therefore, a valuable asset to the workplace.

Is it worth extending your studies?

Even experienced healthcare professionals will not be able to reach the highest positions without advanced qualifications. Whether you are moving from an LPN to a BSN or a BSN to an MSN, you will finish the program with more experience, a greater degree of specialist knowledge, and better salary prospects.

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