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Helpful Information About Cannabis Wax Making and Usage

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Cannabis wax is a powerful concentrate form, which gives a strong and quick high. Its appearance also gave it another name ‘ear wax’.

How to make cannabis wax?

Cannabis wax making is not a DIY or kitchen-friendly activity. It is not recommended to attempt the process as a little error can cause serious consequences.

Marijuana buds are packed in a pipe or tube. Butane or some other solvent is forced over this plant material. The solvent binds with THC present in the buds, then pulls other plant compounds.

Butane is allowed to evaporate till you will see a potent, oily substance….the concentrated weed wax! It is a massive heavy-hitting concentrate! A variety of marijuana wax textures can be produced like the crumble, shatter, and budder.

How is cannabis wax used?

Cannabis wax can be enjoyed in many ways. The sticky substance is not functional in a vaporizer or a joint. However, some users using joints, vaporizers or gravity bongs sprinkle the wax on their weed to gain that extra kick.

Common ways to enjoy cannabis wax


Cannabis wax is always related to dabbing. Special equipment called ‘a dab rig’ is heated to high temperatures. The rig has a dab nail made from ceramic, glass, or titanium is heated with the help of a specially designed blowtorch. Now, on the heated nail surface add a dab of wax….it will instantly vaporize. You can inhale the vapor just like a traditional bong.


Invest in a portable premium-quality vaporizer, if you desire to vape wax instead of using combustion technique. The heating chamber of the vaporizer must have a quartz crystal or ceramic heating chamber. A titanium coil is preferable to avert the accidental combustion issue. A good vape pen will allow you to enjoy smooth throat hits from the cannabis wax without smoke.


When a joint is rolled, sprinkle the cannabis wax over the buds. However, sprinkling crumbles wax form is easier. If you choose resin or buddy, a sticky mess will be created. Most of it can stick to your fingers rather than end in the joint.

Reasons to use cannabis wax

The first main reason that comes in mind is high potency. If the wax is made correctly there will hardly be any butane. You will end up with wax holding high concentrated THC.

Dabbing reduces lung damages, as there is no smoke inhalation involved. The effects on the symptoms of chronic pain are closely instant. It is advised to enjoy cannabis wax responsibly as its effects are very high!

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