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Exploring Alternative Treatments for Chronic Pains and Illnesses

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Despite being legal since 2018, the medical use of substances that were once considered addictive and illegal (such as marijuana) is still a hotbed of contention in Oklahoma. People know there are dispensaries in Tulsa for those patients who need it, but there are still lingering doubts and fears about its benefits and uses.

Recent studies and scientific research have revealed that medical marijuana can help alleviate symptoms of several serious and chronic diseases. Pushing the medical benefits of these substances forward would help many patients live normal lives and not feel the burden of their symptoms.


HIV and AIDS research has found many ways to combat the disease, and the mortality rate has been in decline over the years. However, for those in the advanced stages, living with such a disease is a stressful and painful experience.

But it has been shown that medical marijuana has a positive effect on people suffering from the disease. A study of HIV-positive patients who underwent the alterntive treatment showed signs of less stress, better sleep, and better moods.


Cancer is still a dreaded illness, and though doctors still haven’t figured out a way to stop it, they often recommend patients to eat healthy food and stay active. For those in the terminal phase fo the disease, researchers have found that medical cannabis does a lot to improve the quality of life for the patient.

Chemotherapy is a painful experience and leaves the patient battered and weakened. Many of them lose weight and their appetites. Studies have shown that alternative pain treatments, such as medical marijuana, can help them overcome the pain and appetite loss. They often find their quality of life significantly improve after using it.

Severe Arthritis

Arthritis is a condition that many seniors and older adults experience.  The constant pain in the joints makes moving from one place to another a constant challenge. Fortunately, there are now alternative pain medications that could help decrease pain and improve their sleep at night.


People with epilepsy could also find some benefits in this alternative pain treatment. Studies show that marijuana can significantly lessen the incidence of seizures. They can live a normal life without the fear of an epileptic seizure happening.

Physicians explain that cannabinoids such as THC and CBD can modulate the pain sent through the spinal cord and the brain. These substances give an inhibitory effect and lessen the pain signals that the nerves send to the brain. This gives people a sense of calm and relaxation, and when people feel good, they do not tend to feel pain. This makes these substances ideal for patients who may experience allergic reactions to chemical anesthetics.

These days, researchers are now discovering the benefits of other substances that were once considered dangerous or addictive. They now know that there are many possible benefits to health and wellness. There are also a plethora of other medical conditions that they can alleviate. For now, research continues on other possible beneficient effects, and many countries are considering what these substances could do for the health of their citizens.

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