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An Analysis Of Cannabis Delivery Methods

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If you have been paying attention to the news recently, you likely understand that nearly half of the nation-states now have recreational marijuana legalized. This created a booming industry, and many people are beginning to take notice.

If you have been keeping an eye on things that are beginning to become interested in yourself, then now is the time to jump in.

Today it is possible to deliver cannabis to your body in many more ways than it has been in the past. The following are a few of the most popular ways that you can deliver cannabis into your body.

The Most Popular Cannabis Delivery Techniques

There are many different techniques that you can use if you would like to consume some cannabis. Depending on the method of consumption that you choose, it will impact the experience that you have whenever you consume the cannabis you have purchased.

Each method will have its efficiency ratio, and you may or may not enjoy it. It is always important to fully inform yourself of anything before you decide, in any case.


By far, the most popular way for people to consume cannabis is through inhalation. This is primarily done by either vaporizing the product or smoking the product.


Vaporizing allows users to vaporize specific constituents of the leaf and not burn the entire plant. This allows people to avoid handling unnecessary carcinogenic compounds in the smoke produced by the combustion of any plant. THC has the lowest vaporizing point out of all of the cannabinoids within the plant.

This means that it will be the very first thing to be vaporized out of it. For that reason, it is a great way to consume cannabis if you are specifically looking to use THC with your bloodstream.


Smoking can be done using many different methods, but the result will always be the same. Whether you are using a hand pipe or a water bong, if you will smoke cannabis, you will be lighting it on fire and inhaling all of the material produced by its combustion.

This ensures that you get the full spectrum of cannabinoids within the plan, but you can also avoid consuming some carcinogenic compounds in the process. While it is still far less detrimental to your health than cigarette smoke, it is still not something that you want to have if you can avoid it.


Today it is possible for people to consume cannabis in more ways than ever before. Tinctures are made by using oil as a solvent to dissolve the THC. THC is unable to dissolve in polar solvents, so it needs to use a nonpolar solvent.

This allows you to contain the THC with an easily dosed liquid form. You do not need to inhale anything using this technique.


Edibles result from creating butter infused with THC and then using that whenever you are cooking something. This allows you to infuse THC directly into any food that you would like to eat.


THC can also be absorbed through transdermal absorption. This is a fancy way of saying that your skin can allow THC molecules to pass into your bloodstream.

There are now lotions and creams that contain all kinds of different cannabinoid compounds that you can use to target specific areas of the body.

At Home Cannabis Delivery Service

Cannabis delivery service is becoming an increasingly popular way for users to enjoy the plant without leaving home.

Depending on the area you live in, it could be possible for you to hire someone to go to the store and pick up the product and drive it to you without ever having to get off the couch. Talk about an exciting prospect for someone that loves THC.

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